Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Sunday Walk

Not far away from our apartment is a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood.
Dallin and I enjoy taking our Sunday walk down this street.
Take a look at the colors of the trees! 
(October 2012)

 I am going to live in this house someday...well maybe in my dreams, but isn't is beautiful?!?
 I love this pine tree most of all because it reminds me of home.


  1. The trees are so pretty! I just did a blog post about the leaves as well and we took pictures in front of that SAME tree!! The fall is awesome here!

  2. Laura your hair is so long and gorgeous! Looks beautiful out there! Hope you are doing simply wonderful :)

  3. I need to go out and take some pictures of those trees! They are gorgeous!

  4. Wow, such gorgeous leaves there in Iowa! We get pretty colors here in Utah too. Isn't fall a great time of year? Sure love you.