Thursday, November 29, 2012


I had the BEST trip ever to my favorite state... ARIZONA!!!
I was terrible at taking pictures. I need to get copies from my mom. Here are some of the pictures I did get. I felt like everyday of my trip was wonderful. I got to see so many friends and family in such a short period of time. 
I arrived just in time to see Mesa High's musical, "Oklahoma" We had three sibling in the play so I was grateful to see it. Blake and Kerstyn made a surprise trip to down to AZ to see it too. My mom was so happy. 

Here is a picture of my friend Marianne Anderson and Becca Bingham at the park. It was fun to chatch up and get to know their kids better. They are both such great moms. 

Here is a cute picture of my little niece Olivia. I got to babysit her for a little while and I loved every minute of it. I can not wait to see her again at Christmas time!

I was so grateful to be in AZ for Katie and Kyle's wedding. The sealing was so wonderful and reminded me of the day I was married. Here are a couple of pictures outside the temple
 Cute Bingham family

I was also able to spend time at the Ellingson house. This a picture of sweet Grandmother Ellingson. Isn't she beautiful?!
 Celebrating Quinn's 16th birthday

 I think Ryan likes pie.... :)
Dallin and I were so lucky to spend it with the Beck family. The picture below is of Rebekah and Kayla Beck and myself right before the Turkey trot. Once again I was so bad at taking pictures. We had so much fun with the Beck's. Tony and Miriam made us feel right at home. We loved chatting, playing games, and of course eating :). We can't wait to visit them again!

Decorating the tree!
We decorated our cute little tree this weekend. Each ornament brings back good memories. I especially love the ones we have collected since we have been married. Our favorite one is the one we bought on our honeymoon.

 Tradition! Egg Nog!! So good every year!
 This is a Dallin and Laura Ellingson family tradition. A few years ago we decided that we were going to sleep in front of our tree the night we put it up. We think it will be a tradition our kids will really enjoy. This year was no exception. :) We pulled out every blanket we own to make it as soft as possible. There is something about twinkling tree lights that is so magical! I am so grateful the most wonderful time of the year has arrived!!!

 Can you tell we are first years .... I think it will be fun to get a picture in front of the sign every year and see how our family has grown during our time in Des Moines. We love being here!


  1. Oh you guys are just too cute. When I was a kid I always slept in front of the tree the night we put it up--I wish I had kept that up and had my kids do it! Next year!! :) Love you Laura--hope to see you next month!

  2. I love you tradition about the tree. I can see your kids loving it and asking for cookies and milk for dinner!!! HOw are you doing? Miss you guys!

  3. Looks like you had such a nice trip home. Love your tradition!! Tom and I do that as well during the month of December. I love sleeping by the tree - traditions are the best. I love your pics by the DMU sign to. CUTE!

  4. Such fun times! So glad you had a nice trip and fun Thanksgiving. And what a fun tradition! I love the cozy glow of Christmas tree lights. Maybe we need to do that one of these nights, too!
    Sure love ya and miss ya,

  5. Dallin and Laura - CONGRATS!!!
    I saw that you welcomed a precious little one, Maylee (love her name), into your family last month. YEAH! Hope all three of you are doing well.